Energy Storage

The Future of Energy Storage – the POWER-Series by RIVA

RIVA is committed to combining industry 4.0 with modern engineering. Mobility is increasingly becoming the basic condition for modern working and living. To ensure this, it should adapt itself as best as possible to the needs of the user.

Our supply concept is based on RIVA POWER CELLS with LiFePO4 accumulators. The capacity of these can be modularly expanded via parallel connection. Due to the sealed cells, which are only connected by induction, they can be safely replaced without presetting and exchanged between the various storage systems. When charged, they offer energy of up to 2 kWh (Power: up to 2.4 kW) with above-average system efficiency. Thanks to an integrated 230 V AC inverter, the cells operate reliably and safely even at extreme temperatures.

The POWER CELLS are charged in the RIVA POWER RACK. As a home storage system, the POWER RACK holds up to ten cells and delivers up to 20 kWh. The contactless, closed battery cells can be removed individually during the charging process and changed without risk ("hot-swappable").

RIVA has developed the POWER-PACK - a portable case full of energy, designed to serve you with energy along the way. Internet connection, Bluetooth and touchpad ensure easy handling. An energy of 6 kWh (Power: up to 3.6 kW) as well as an integrated inverter with 230 V AC make our smallest storage system the ideal companion for activities on the go.

The POWER-MRACK is our most powerful energy storage system. The self-contained megawatt network storage is ideally suited for compensating peak loads ("peak shaving"), as a buffer storage (to compensate for fluctuations in the energy network) or for intermediate storage and continuous use of self-produced electricity. The inner workings of the XXL battery: 1.7 MWh energy (Power: up to 0.75 MW per container) with an efficiency of up to 90 %.

The POWER-CHARGE concept enables a sustainable supply infrastructure in the public space. Through a network of charging points throughout the country, the POWER-CELLS can be reliably charged or conveniently replaced. As with the POWER-RACK, the POWER-CELLS are charged contactlessly via electromagnetic induction.

In order to create a continuous design, all products follow the same optical concept - a circular closed supply system that interlocks!


The RIVA POWER-Series - on request we also manufacture in various designs and different materials!